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Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is one of our strongest academic classes at Valley High School. AVID has offered elective courses and support to Valley High School students since 2000. Our AVID teachers strive to inspire each one of their students to set goals for their education after high school. AVID teachers equip their students for success by teaching study skills applicable for higher education. The program currently has 33 students enrolled and continues to grow.

Our AVID program seeks to help our students gain acceptance into a local community college and then successfully transfer to a university setting. We are currently establishing a partnership between Valley High School and Palomar College that will help our students successfully bridge the gap between high school and completion of a university degree by way of a community college. Our students will be monitored and provided assistance along the way to ensure their success in college.

As the over-arching goal for AVID students at Valley is to visualize the educational possibilities after high school.  Every year, our AVID students attend multiple college field trips.  The past academic school year, we toured the campus of the University of California at San Diego and University of California Los Angeles. This experience made university attendance a tangible goal as they realized they had some things in common with the university students they had contact with. At Valley we have adopted the philosophy that all students can and should be prepared for college even if they choose not to attend immediately after high school.