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Valley Vision and Beliefs

Mission Statement 

Valley’s motto, “Learning for All, Whatever It Takes,” was developed in 1994 from the following mission statement:


Valley High School is committed to helping students who are most in need of support.  We believe that all students will learn whatever it takes and be able to demonstrate mastery in a climate of support and high expectations.



The educational experience at Valley High school is rooted in 4 core beliefs:


  • POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS: We believe students immersed in a school and community culture that fosters positive relationships and real connections will learn and work for academic and social excellence.
  • PERSONALIZATION: We believe learning is a social process and relationships are important. Students are welcomed as individuals, challenged academically, respected, supported, and connected to their learning will be successful.
  • AN ETHIC OF RESPECT: We believe students immersed in a school and community culture that fosters respect for each other will be responsible and accountable for their actions and demonstrate integrity in the choices that they make.
  • SKILLED PROFESSIONAL TEACHERS: We believe skilled teachers understand that all students learn in different ways. As learning experts, they use this knowledge to make the content accessible for all learners and support the learning process.




School-wide Learning Outcomes 

Our School-wide Learning Outcomes (SLOs) were developed through a collaborative process with our entire teaching staff.  By using the acronym RTP, which is also the name of our orientation program, our SLOs define the expected outcomes for our students, or what we refer to as “The Valley Way”.  School-wide we strive to ensure that our academic programs and school culture reflect each of these learner outcomes.